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Fountain Valley Family Law Lawyer Yolanda Torres knows that family law issues can have a strong impact on all parties involved. She takes a personal and compassionate approach to helping clients and their loved ones through their case. As a state-certified family law specialist, Attorney Torres has the knowledge and skill it takes to resolve complex, emotional matters and gain favorable outcomes. Her family law firm assists in cases of separation, divorce, post- judgment modifications, child custody, child support, and child visitation. Call Family Law Lawyer Yolanda Torres for legal guidance and answers you can rely on. Dial (714) 541-5400 to make your appointment for a consultation . For the convenience of clients, Attorney Torres maintains two office locations and serves families in Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, and throughout Orange County as well as Southern California.

Family Law Lawyer for Fountain Valley, CA

Ms. Torres has focused her practice on family law cases exclusively, and she is able to provide individualized guidance to clients from the beginning to the end of their case. She has met higher standards for skill and education in the field of family law. Contact The Law Firm of Yolanda V. Torres for dependable representation in all areas of family law.

Divorce Attorney

The process of divorce is often marked by traumatic circumstances and emotions. Divorce Lawyer Torres guides clients through the process with outstanding counsel for all support issues, child-related concerns, and other matters that may arise in a contested or uncontested divorce.

Adoption Lawyer

Attorney Yolanda Torres offers skilled support as an adoption attorney for kinship, step-parent, grandparent, or private adoptions.

Child Custody Attorney & Child Visitation Lawyer

Ms. Torres has a background in teaching and has personally witnessed the bitter effects that divorce and custody disputes may have on children. This experience has contributed to her becoming a sensitive and effective child visitation attorney and child custody lawyer able to bring resolution to complex, emotional cases. If it falls to the courts to decide which parent is granted custody of their child , factors such as the ability of each parent to create a stable and nurturing environment are considered. When a parenting plan includes reasonable arrangements for visitation that serve first the interests of the child, the court is more likely to accept and approve the plan. The parenting plan should also include accommodations for special occasions, the proximity of each parent’s home to the other, the age of the child, and similar concerns.

Child Support Lawyer & Spousal Support Attorney

Fountain Valley Child Support Attorney and Spousal Support Lawyer Torres understands the complex calculations involved in child support. This includes matters involving income, taxes, other children in the home, parenting time, and child care. Both parents are expected by the courts to support themselves. There are certain situations that merit spousal support orders. Such situations pertain to how long the couple was married, the ability of each to earn an income, the lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage, education, health issues or disabilities, and ability to pay support.

Domestic Violence Attorney

Individuals who have been the victim of domestic abuse or who have been accused of such can find knowledgeable representation from Domestic Violence Lawyer and Family Law Specialist Torres.

Paternity Lawyer

Parents needing guidance in enforcing or establishing paternity rights can rely on Paternity Attorney Torres. She understands the ramifications that a paternity action may have on other family law matters. As a caring Fountain Valley family law attorney, she sees clients through their case from the beginning to the close.

Property Division Attorney

California defines community property as any debts or assets that have been acquired during the marriage. As a diligent property division lawyer, Ms. Torres works to ensure that these types of items are valued and divided accurately in order to bring about positive results.

Legal Separation Lawyer

When a couple chooses separation rather than divorce, they will still need to resolve the same issues involved in divorce such as child support, custody, and visitation as well as property division and spousal support. Legal Separation Attorney Yolanda Torres advises individuals on effective ways to resolve these matters.

Parental Relocation Attorney

If the parent who has custody wishes to move away , the court may need to provide authorization first. Certain factors will be considered such as visitation, support, and more. Parental Relocation Lawyer Torres can help you understand the issues and reach a decision that serves the child’s best interests.

Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer

At times, circumstances shift and it becomes necessary to request a change in court orders. Fountain Valley Family Law Lawyer and Post-Judgment Modification Attorney Torres offers reliable representation and advice when the need for a modification arises.

Mediated Divorce Attorney

Fountain Valley Attorney Torres has been trained in divorce mediation. She can help spouses who are divorcing to make reasonable, practical choices. By using open discussions, each side is helped to focus on the needs of everyone involved, including the children, and to consider the way certain decisions may affect their future.

Consult with a Certified Family Law Expert

If you would like to make an appointment to consult with Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Lawyer Yolanda Torres, call (714) 541-5400 or make use of the online case evaluation form. Each case is personally handled by Ms. Torres. Contact her to learn more about your rights, how certain choices may affect you later, and how best to pursue a positive outcome.

Fountain Valley Family Law Attorney Yolanda Torres

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Garden Grove Family Law Lawyer

Yolanda V. Torres

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Garden Grove Family Law Attorney Yolanda Torres understands that some issues in family law can greatly impact all involved. Attorney Torres endeavors to take a compassionate, personal, caring approach to guiding clients through their case in family law court. Ms. Torres is state certified as a specialist in family law. She possesses the skill and experience needed to assist clients in gaining favorable outcomes in many types of complex and emotional legal matters. Our family law firm is able to help with issues involving separation, divorce, child custody, child visitation, child support, post-judgment modifications, and similar cases. Contact Family Law Attorney Yolanda V. Torres to find reliable legal guidance and answers to your questions. We are available at (714) 541-5400 to schedule a consultation appointment and discuss your family law case. Ms. Torres maintains two offices for the convenience of clients. We are pleased to serve families in Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, all of Orange County, and throughout California.

Family Law Lawyer for Fountain Valley, CA

Attorney Torres focuses her practice solely on family law matters, and she provides individualized counsel and guidance to clients from the beginning of a case to the finish. She has proven her abilities by meeting higher standards for education, knowledge, and skill in family law. Call our family law firm for representation you can depend on in the following areas:

Divorce Lawyer

When going through a divorce, it can often be overwhelming and traumatic. Divorce Attorney Torres helps clients complete the process successfully by providing outstanding counsel and guidance in all child matters, support issues, and any other matter related to a contested divorce , uncontested divorce, or other family law case.

Adoption Attorney

Ms. Torres provides support as a skilled adoption lawyer for private adoptions, step-parent adoptions, and grandparent or kinship adoptions.

Child Custody Lawyer | Child Visitation


With her background in teaching and personal knowledge of the bitter effects divorce and custody battles can have on children, Child Visitation Lawyer and Child Custody Attorney Yolanda Torres offers sensitive and effective assistance in resolving disputes. When courts must decide which parent will receive custody of the child, they consider each parent’s ability to provide a nurturing, stable environment. Parenting plans that are more likely to gain court approval will include arrangements for visitation that serve the best interests of the child. This will accommodate special occasions, how close each parent lives to the other, the child’s age, and other pertinent considerations.

Child Support Attorney | Spousal Support


Fountain Valley Child Support Lawyer and Spousal Support Attorney Yolanda Torres knows what kind of complex details can go into calculating child support. This will include factors such as income, parenting time, child care, taxes, and other children. While it is expected by family court that both parents support themselves, certain situations will call for spousal support to be ordered. These factors are related to length of the marriage, earning ability, lifestyle during the marriage, disabilities or health issues, education, and ability to pay support.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you have suffered domestic abuse or accusations of such behavior, Domestic Violence Attorney and Family Law Specialist Torres can offer knowledgeable representation to resolve the matter.

Paternity Attorney

Our family law firm offers guidance and counsel to parents who need to enforce or establish paternity rights . As a highly knowledgeable paternity lawyer, Ms. Torres understands how a paternity action can have an effect on various other family law issues. As a caring Fountain Valley family law lawyer, she advises clients on the case from start to finish.

Property Division Lawyer

The state of California designates as community property any debts and assets that were acquired during the course of the marriage. Property Division Attorney Yolanda Torres ensures such items are accurately valued and divided in order to achieve a positive outcome.

Legal Separation Attorney

Some couples may choose to file for separation instead of divorce. In these cases, the same issues must be resolved as in a divorce. This includes child support, visitation, and custody, in addition to spousal support and property division. Legal Separation Lawyer Torres is able to advise clients regarding how to resolve such issues.

Parental Relocation Lawyer

Permission from family law court may need to be given before a custodial parent moves out of the local area with their child. The court will consider factors such as support, visitation, and others. Ms. Torres is a parental relocation attorney who helps parents to understand such issues and make decisions in the best interests of the child.

Post-Judgment Modification Attorney

When circumstances change, it may be necessary to pursue a court order modification. Fountain Valley Family Law Lawyer and Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer Yolanda Torres provides dependable counsel for such situations.

Mediated Divorce Lawyer

Fountain Valley Attorney Torres is a trained divorce mediator who is able to assist divorcing spouses in making sensible decisions. By means of open discussion, the parties are helped to focus on their needs and those of the children while considering how each decision could impact the future.

Call our Certified Family Law Expert

To make arrangements for a consultation with Divorce Attorney and Family Law Attorney Yolanda V. Torres, reach us at (714) 541-5400 or through our contact form online. Ms. Torres personally handles each case. She will explain how each choice may affect your future. She helps you understand your rights while pursuing a favorable outcome.
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